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This is how to remove AVG notification, popup, banner

Locate your AVG directory in explorer
(can right click of start button and click 'Explore')

in the left plane find your version
(standard is:
C:\Program Files (x86)\AVG\AVG8 or
C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG8)
In explorer press the 'alt' key then press 't' then press 'o'
(which brings up the top menu ---> tools ---> folder options)

There are three tabs in folder options general: view: and search,
click on the view tab.

Untick 'Hide extensions for know file types'

Click Appy and Ok.
First locate the file 'ren avgmwdef_us.mht' in the AVG folder, select it and either right click -> rename or select file and press F2 to rename, and put a dot bak on the end.

The file should be now named 'avgmwdef_us.mht.bak'

Now do the same for the file 'avgresf.dll' or it is now named 'avgresf.dll.bak'

(all this is doing is disabling the two files to do with the notification window,
completley removing the notification plane, if you ever want them back, you
can come back to this folder and remove the dot bak from the end of the names)
Now you can turn the 'Hide extensions for know file types' back on.

In explorer press the 'alt' key then press 't' then press 'o'
(which brings up the top menu ---> tools ---> folder options)

There are three tabs in folder options general: view: and search,
click on the view tab.

Tick 'Hide extensions for know file types'

Click Appy and Ok.

Now AVG is once more Add free :-), thankyou AVG for such a great product (now).


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A really HUGE "THANK YOU" for that tip.

I install AVG 8.0 FREE for all my customers and being able to get rid of that "Nag Screen" is a big plus.

I did find that the first file name had no "ren" on the front end. No biggie.
I found it and renamed it OK.
The .dll file was OK and renamed as advertised.

Thanks again!

Shadow :cool:
I found that for my own needs, just deleting the two files serves me best.
I wrote a simple little batch file to do the job in One Second, after I install AVG 8.0 FREE for a customer.

Here's that batch file:

@Echo off
del "C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG8\avgmwdef_us.mht"
del "C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG8\avgresf.dll"
REM With thes two files deleted, the AVG nag box will NO Longer appear at
REM the bottom of the AVG Control panel window.

I'm leaving this forum, so I wish all you good guys all the best.
Except for getting flamed on a regular basis, it's been fun and
very informative.
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Why don't you love that "failed to connect to server" popup when you are already browsing online? :rolleyes:

The avgmwdef_us as it appears in the "C:\Programs\AVG\AVG8" folder is more a document type file seen there. When double clicking on that it reads:

Did you know?

The number of poisoned web sites is increasing. 1 in 1000 web pages are infected with malicious drive-by downloads (source IDG News).
With the new AVG 8.0 you can search and surf the Internet safely.
Open up a text file an insert the following:
@echo off
save with the extension .bat

Click the file to run it.

That does it comprehensively and will only need to be re-run when AVG goes through and update that re-installs the mht files.

I disagree about removing the advertising being a threat to keeping AVG free. My logic goes: Anyone who is annoyed enough by the advertising is never going to click on the adverts so AVG loses nothing. Anyone annoyed enough by the adverts to remove them is still an AVG user so they still gain by retaining market share.


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I know this is pretty much a dead thread, but figured I'd go ahead and throw in my opinion about the adverts :)

For the most part I agree with SilverSmith. The main argument against it though is that by having the ad there, 1 out of x number of people will eventually buy the full product because of the ad. (I don't use AVG myself, but I'm pretty sure that's what the ad is trying to get you to do, right?) So if a lot of people start hiding the ad, it statistically reduces the chances that they'll get another paying customer. Now, I think that for the most part, they have enough free users that this won't ever be much of a realistic problem, but that's the idea. Of course, some of know that we're never going to buy the full version, and that if we do, it won't be because of some annoying ad. So we can kind of rationalize that for ourselves. But if every user starting doing that, they might see a slight decline in sales.

Just my two cents :)

BTW nice tip SilverSmith. That looks a lot simpler!