Toshiba Satellite A 300 with Vista x64 will no longer boot up


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After a power outage Vista will no longer boot. I am unable to get a successful boot into Windows Vista operating system. It seems the boot file or the registry have misplaced pointers or corruption.

Powering on I was only able to reach the Bios settings. The initial error message was Status: 0xc00000e9 an unexpected I/O error.

More recently it is : 0xc000000f windows failed to load because the system registry file is missing or corrupt

This Toshiba laptop did not come with a Vista OS CD so I have purchased the Vista x64 Easy BCD Recovery CD from Neosmart. None of the tools have been able to fix the problem /s

The Automated Repair function log states : No O/S found
Repair required is the partition table
Failed Error Code : 0x 490

I have been reading threads here and running a variety of diagnostics to try and determine what the problem is without any success so far.

Bootrec.exe / rebuildBCD produces the error " the request could not be performed because of an I/O device error "

BCDedit.exe /enum " boot configuration data store could not be opened. Cannot find the specified file. "

SFC / Scannow produces the error " windows resource protection could not start the repair service "

Chkdsk fails to complete successfully indicated an unexpected error was experienced.

Would very much appreciate the exceptional expertise of the wizards here.

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