Transfer Windows Mail account on my laptop/Windows 7


I don't have a problem with WM. I need direction on "how" to accomplish something.

I have a desktop/Vista Home Premium/Windows Mail. I have many, many folders that I want to transfer to the Windows Mail account on my laptop/Windows 7.

Yes, I know they quit including Windows Mail as of Win 7, but I paid a tech to install it for me and it has been running just fine.

So back to my question ... Is it possible for me to get all the folders I have in my WM account on the desktop, imported into the WM account on my laptop.

Both of these WM accounts use the same email address/password.

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Unlike Windows XP and Vista which are bundled with Outlook Express and Windows Mail respectively, Microsoft does not bundle an email client with Windows 7, but you can always download and use for free Windows Live Mail on your Win 7 PC. The interface and functionality are very similar to Windows Mail.

Try to use the Export function with your Windows Mail to send all your email to a folder (not on Desktop though). Then, use a USB thumb drive or external hard disk to back up that folder and restore it to your laptop.

This may be irrelevant, but I've successfully done this many times before for transferring email from OE to WLM. In OE, the full pathname where all the email folders are stored can be found. Highlight and copy (Ctrl-C) the full pathname, go to RUN, paste (Ctrl-V) it there and press Enter. A window will pop up showing you all the email folders. Go up one level and then copy the entire folder to a USB thumb drive or external hard disk. Once trasnsferred to your new PC, use the WLM Import function to put all the email folders in place.
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