Transient Multimon Manager (TMM)

How to Disable or Enable the Transient Multimon Manager (TMM) in Vista
This will show you how to Disable or Enable the Transient Multimon Manager (TMM). This is the 2-3 second delay followed by a blank black screen as Vista searches for monitor changes when you startup Vista.
How to Disable or Enable the Transient Multimon Manager (TMM) in Vista

information   Information
Transient Multimon Manager (TMM) is a Microsoft Windows Vista operating system feature targeted at improving the user experience of connecting and disconnecting displays, particularly for the mobile user. This is the 2-3 second delay followed by a blank black screen as Vista searches for monitor changes when you startup Vista. For more information on TMM, see: Microsoft: Transient Multimon Manager (TMM)
Note   Note
TMM is enabled by default in Vista. Disabling TMM will get rid of that 2-3 second delay at startup.
warning   Warning
If you do not use a external monitor for a mobile PC or multiple monitors on a desktop PC, then you can safely disable TMM. Do not disable TMM if you do.

Here's How:
1. Open the Start Menu.​
A) Click on All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, and Task Schedular.​
B) Go to step 2.​

1. Open the Control Panel (Classic View).​
A) Click on Administrative Tools -> Computer Management.​

2. If prompted, click on Continue in the UAC prompt.​
3. In the left pane, expand Task Scheduler, Task Scheduler Library, Microsoft, Windows, and click on MobilePC. (See screenshot below)​
4. In the middle pane, right click on TMM.​
5. To Disable TMM
A) Click on Disable.​
B) Go to step 7.​

6. To Enable TMM
A) Click on Enable.​
NOTE: TMM is enabled by default in Vista.​

7. Close Task Scheduler.​
8. Log off and log on, or restart the computer to see the change.​
That's it,

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Shawn Brink


Hi Brink. I was just reading this and it makes me wonder if TMM is causing a problem with my Moniter/LCD HDTV with auto source. I didn't have it at first, but now whenever I start up or restart I get a black screen and a mouse pointer in the center of the screen and one in the upper left in a very tiny square. The only way to "fix" it is to manually switch to another source and back to PC. I haven't messed with TMM as yet cause I intend to set up a second monitor and I'm afraid I'll forget I changed it and have problems later I can't figure out !!! Thanks, Bare Foot Kid.
Hi Bare Foot Kid,

I do not know. :confused:

You can test to see real quick by disabling TMM and restart the computer. When done, just enable TMM again. It would be interesting to hear the results.

Hi Brink, that does sound like a good idea, I'll try it later. I'll just stay subscribed to this thread so I'll remember. More later Bare Foot Kid
Hi Brink, I did disable TMM to see, had no efect. But I did find that it was my monitor/tv. I went in user set up and adjusted a couple things till I got it working, then went back and enabled TMM and it still works. So almost all is well in Bare Foot Kid land, except one thing. When Task Scheduler opens I get an error message "An error has occurred for task Reminders - (my admin. username). Error message: The specified account name is not valid." I have tried running it as a Standard User, Run as Admin. and in my Admin. acct,. I have never changed my Admin acct. name or my Standard User Acct. name for that matter. As I said earlier, it will let me work in Task Scheduler so... I'm clueless. Any ideas ? Thank you very much, no need for speed I'll be around. Bare Foot Kid
Bare Foot Kid,

I heard of that happening when you change your account password to a different one than when you created that particular Task. If this is the case, try changing the password back to what it was before.

The only thing I have found to fix this problem was a reinstall, but you might try doing a System Restore to a restore point dated before the problem first, then a Repair install if that did not fix it.

Hi Brink, Thanks for your reply. before I try any of the above.
I didn't state earlier that the "error message window" comes
with a "OK" check box, and when I check it it goes away
never to be heard from again. Also I never have changed any-
thing on either acct. If I "do nothing" will this cause problems
later? Do both of your options require me to start over from scratch, undo all the changes and additions I have made to
both accounts. As I don't know as yet how to back up all my
"stuff" and to add it back later. I will learn how to do all this, I
just haven't learned it yet. :o As always, thank you for all your help.
I'll be around, Bare Foot Kid​
Hi Brink, Sorry I guess I should of looked at
Repair Install For Vista
First Huh??? Also know about System Restore, I really should pay more attention!!!
Thanks. Later, Bare Foot Kid P.S. I do only have a OEM image>
P.S.S. I was just looking around in Task Scheduler and I say something that reminded
me that I have changed the NAME of the computer from "Office to Home" could this be
the culprit and if so how do I correctly remedy the situation? As always no need for speed
I'll be around Bare Foot Kid THANK YOU
When I "changed the name" I doubt I did it the correct way
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Bare Foot Kid,

You can try changing it back to see, but I do not see how changing the computer name could affect this. I change mine all the time without any problems.

If you do not mind clicking OK everytime you enter Task Scheduler it should not hurt anything to just let it go for now.

You can do what I do, when a minor annoyance pops-up I add it to a list. When the list gets to where I can't stand it no more, I do a reinstall. Well, actually I reinstall a clone I made of the hard drive. ;) With all of the messing around and testing I do, I'm always messing something up during the process. :o

Hope this helps,
Hi Brink. I don't mind clicking it. I'm just glad it's not
something serious! Later when I've done some back
ups I'll do it. I imagine you do mess up your machine
from time to time. But you know what you are doing.
I really never have had a computer until Nov. 2007
I probably haven't spent two hours on one in my
whole life until then. Well I'm getting long winded,
I really do appreaciate all your help and I'll try the name
change and let you know. I did see some stuff with the "old"
name on them in Task Scheduler. Thanks Bare Foot Kid. ;)
I just went to "Change Name" and while I was in the process
I saw where the BIOS name was listed, which is what I must
have named it at START UP (I knew but I did it in all upper case
and I didn't know that) Long winded anyway I made them all THAT
and now no "window" in Task Scheduler. If I ever get to Texas I owe
you several steak dinners. Your good, THANKS​
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Your welcome Bare Foot Kid,

That sounds like a great deal to me. :)

I'm glad that you were able to fix your problem.

I wish I would have joined this forum months ago. I used to hate it when my monitor would blink over and over again and it would take a long time to boot up. Thanks for this tutorial. Also I noticed that my desktop is ready to be used after booting quicker now. Great Job!
every time my computer turns on, it gives a black screen after MS logo. Now i came to know that it was actually searching for monitors in that time. Thanks for this wonderful tutorial. Now my system boots up quickly.