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Turn PC to Wi-Fi HotSpot

Hi All

I Found This Article In A Lot Of Web Sites Around About How To Share Your Wired Connection Through Wi-Fi But Need Confirmation If Any One Tried It And Really Works With Him

* Connect the laptop to the internet using the ethernet cable.
* Open the control panel and go into the Network and Sharing Center.
* Set up a new connection called a wireless ad hoc network.
* Give it a name and setup the desired security options.
* Deselect Save this Network.
* Finally, click on Turn on Internet Connection Sharing.
* Now anyone can connect to your laptop’s Wi-Fi.
Now I Have A PC With Wired ADSL Connection And Also I Have Nokia N79 And Nokia 5800 XpressMusic And Want To Share The Connection With This Devices..

If I Bought A Wireless Network Adapter And Followed Those Steps Will It Really Work And The 2 Mobiles Phone Will Be Able To Connect To Internet Throw The Wireless Adapter ???

Thanks A Lot ... Waiting Your Help


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Yes. Configure the wireless interface on the PC to operate in "ad hoc" mode and then either share the wired (internet) interface via ICS, or enable bridging. ICS will be simpler to configure because it removes the need for a (separate) DHCP server somewhere on that network.

Also, your keyboard appears to have developed a strange flaw which causes the first letter of every word to be capitalised ;)

(Seriously, when you're asking for help, common sense dictates that you maximise your chances of somebody bothering to read your question if you make it as painless as possible. REaDing TexT wiTH OdD oR PrEtTy CAPitALisATion iS a pAiN IN tHe UsB soCkEt.)


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I had an N79 and it did indeed connect through my router/wired laptop , you just use it to scan for available networks when it finds yours put in your wireless password and bobs your uncle

BE VERY CAREFULL though if you use the phone to browse online radio channels through the phones own music browser it will disconnect from yuor wireless and connect to the mobile web (without telling you) , which could end up costing you

while im here ill recommend Opera Mini if your thinking of web browsing , its very good :)