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Ulteo Desktop Beta`s


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Three new Beta releases for Windows Vista that allow Linux applications on Windows and application sharing from any Operating System Desktop.

Ulteo Online Desktop: your applications and data in a web browser!
The Ulteo Online Desktop has been designed to offer both the software applications you are using and the your personal data within a webbrowser. As a result you can retrieve your online files anywhere!
Coupled to the Ulteo Application System (that can be installed on the PC to replace Windows) or if you plan to stay under Windows, you will feel a new experience with your PC!

Ulteo Application System: a new Linux operating system for your PC!
The Ulteo Application System is a FREE installable version of Ulteo, for the local PC, that ships with hundreds applications and innovative features.
Coupled to the Ulteo Online Desktop (that runs within a web browser), you will enjoy a new experience with your PC!

Ulteo Virtual Desktop: your Linux applications on Windows
Enjoy the power of your Linux applications on Windows without any need to reboot the system!

More infomation at the homepage

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