Unable to open, print or save attachments in Windows Mail


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When I receive an e-mail with any attachments I cannot open, print or save them. When I highlight the attachment and double click nothing happens. Right click, choose open - nothing happens. Choose "save as", box opens to save the document into a folder of your choice with the "Save as type" showing Attachment(*.*). Press "save", an error message of "The command failed to execute" pops up. Choose print nothing happens.
I am unable to view any attachments on online e-mail.
I have also found that if I try to download documents or programmes from web sites, it seems to go through all the correct processes but doent appear in the folder I asked it to save in and I cannot find it on the computer anywhere.

This has been ongoing for a while but dont know exactly when, as I dont get many attachments.
Updates switched off
I run AVG - recently unloaded and reloaded/updated.
IE 8
32 bit
Dual core
Use BT Infinity - recently rebooted.
Have run AVG, Malwarebytes in safe mode, CC cleaner. Tried the solutions on microsoft site.
I have been working on this for a couple of days to no avail.
Has anybody had the same problem?

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