Unable to restore files from backup


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Hi all,
I have recently had to reinstall vista on my laptop but I have a problem reinstalling all of my files to their original location from an external hard drive. I used the vista backup and restore centre feature to backup the files, but I can't restore the files using the restore feature. the files are definitely on the external hard drive at different backup dates but I keep getting a message that the backup files can't be found-check your hardware configuration or restore from a different backup (0x8100001A). can anyone help please as nothing seems to be working although to my own admission I'm not very good with computers. why can't Microsoft make things easy for people like me. what could be simpler than a backup button to back up files and a restore button to restore them.




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Have you tried to restore these files from another computer? Perhaps this may work.

Alternatively, you could navigate through all of the sub-directories of the backup files (it should be in alot of zipped folders) and copy and paste the files that you want.


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Thanks for the two quick replies but.....i didn't really want to go through all the files and restore them all manually as it's probably going to take a lifetime. but thanks anyway. I have also looked at that help page with the error code on it. i'm really not that good with all the computer jargon and it's like trying to read hindu with dyslexia. but i did search for the file that it said may be missing and i searched for it and found it on the external hard drive, but i'm still confused.
I originally backed up the files from C drive onto E drive (external hard drive) but its talking about root drives and all sorts. maybe i should go to confused.com for help.
still not got a clue. anymore help would be appreciated.