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I've booted up my old Windows Vista Home Premium computer with an Acer Aspire CPU tower (2006? Maybe?) and the thing is a wreck. It's littered with all kinds of spyware and malware that I just can't seem to delete or uninstall! A kid was using it before, and it's just a mess. I want to do a factory reset, but it swears up and down that I don't have admin access. There's only a Standard User account I can use. I can't create a new one.

So, I can't delete anything, I can't create a new account, I can't restore factory settings. There aren't issues with my uninstall strings, i can't open the command prompt, and I'm at a loss of what to do. I just want to toss the darn thing out the window! Every time it prompts me for uninstalling ANYTHING, a window pops up that is like "put in an admin password" but there's no password input bar? I also can't open the Command Prompt as an admin for the same reason, so I can't even change permissions.

The pop-up window, which I don't have a screenshot for, reads like this:

Windows needs your permission to continue
If you started this action, continue.
[Program Information]
To continue, type an administrator password, and then click OK.
[no password input bar?? anywhere??]
[greyed out OK button, unclickable] [Cancel button, perfectly clickable]
User Account Control helps stop unauthorized changes to your computer.

If anyone has any ideas, please help. As far as I'm concerned, the next step is either a new hard drive, or the trash bin!

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This would be my suggestion. Our members are very helpful and try to support each other. One of our members will make available an ISO download of Vista. Leave your email address and you will receive a free Vista download. You do need the key number, however. Just be sure to delete your email addy after you get your download. Let us know how it goes.
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