Unidentified Network followed by Public Network followed by Multiple Networks


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Aight, let the fun begin.

When I turn on my computer, I roll some dice to see if my internet is going to work. If I role anything besides a 0 my internet doesn't work. It starts with trying to identify a public network and continues to try to identify it for hours on end. I have tried many solutions, spent hours on the phone with HP customer support, linksys router support, my internet company (time warner cable), and many other chat sites which as you can see since im here, have had no success.

On my network: Vista and XP computer as well as a Xbox 360
(I've tried every combination on the network to see if something unplugged would fix the problem, no success) The best part is when my Vista computer is connected to the internet sometimes, my xbox360 cannot connect to xbox live. When I unplug the Vista ethernet cord or disable the internet connection my 360 suddenly can connect to my router and the internet flawlessly. (There are no conflicting IP addresses on my system, I already checked for that)

Identifying Public Network:
Solutions to try and fix this:
(None of them work effectively, if I say a prayer it might work for half a day then go poopy again)
-Restart modem
-Unplug modem
-Restart router (ive checked for any router fixes/updates as well as bought a new router to see if helped, no success)
-Unplug router
-Static IP (Fun fact about this one: I made a static IP doing all that good stuff, even have my port forwarded which is a Linksys and does a funky thing. I am allowed to play online games and am also able to use instant chat messangers like skype, aim, and msn. However, when I attempt to connect to browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, or any other web-based browser, it shows a constant loading screen followed by a unable to connect to internet screen.) If I take off the Static IP it goes back to trying to identify a public or unidentified network.
-Disable/Enable the Network
-Uninstall Network Driver/Reinstall
-Update Driver
-Restart Computer

-Went into regedit and tried their registry edit solution Windows Vista cannot obtain an IP address from certain routers or from certain non-Microsoft DHCP servers (Fun thing about this one. When doing their solution to this it had no effect)

When I am not recieving a Public or Unidentified network, my Vista loves to throw a curve ball at me and tell me their are multiple networks connected. I've tried directly connecting my Vista computer to my modem, thinking "Hey that should fix it?" Wrong.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance, I'll try to check this post as often as I can but since my Vista computer cannot connect to web browsers I'll have to check it when my XP computer isnt in use by another family member. Thanks again.

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