Unlocking the hidden vista administrator account


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For those that are wondering you can unlock the acccount that vista itself uses to make changes to your computer. just to let you know this user doesn't have the annoying UAC and also if you make changes to System32 for example you won't get a pop up showing confirmation etc...

First of all open Command Prompt With administrator capabilities and type in:

[Net user administrator /active:yes]

and when you log off the user will be there it is I also advise you to put a password on that user.

If you want to deactivate the user then in an account that isn't the one you unlocked type in command prompt with administrator capabilities:

[Net user administrator /active:no]

Hope this helps :D


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Hi, there is a tutorial on how to do this at http://www.vistax64.com/tutorials/67567-administrator-account.html on this forum already. It was written by our resident tutorialist Brink, who's also an Admin.

I would advise you against posting random pieces of info like this in the forums, mainly because they get lost and ignored.

If you find out how to do something that's not too obscure but not published in the tutorials section you could make your own little tutorial (usually using words and pictures) and publish it, but it has to look professional and be easy to read (this includes grammar, warning labels etc.) but I would advise against publishing your own in most cases.

I've published one tutorial over on Seven Forums at Windows Media Center - Mute - Windows 7 Forums.



I would not worry too much. These often turn up on Google searches, and you will have someone thanking you in a month or two. If you do find something good, post it in the tutorial section if it is professional, but if not, do post it here, it will only be ignored by the experts, not the people who actually need the help!