(Unofficial) drivers for Epson Perfection 1660 scanner


If you look back a few posts, you'll see a member has kindly uploaded it: http://www.vistax64.com/drivers/185...on-perfection-1660-scanner-6.html#post1373064

Just in case the attachments are cleared out any time soon, I have uploaded it to quite a few other websites:

Download links for Epson1660_Vista_x64_v1.zip - Mirrorcreator - Upload files to multiple hosts

Alternate links:

VirusTotal report: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/...2553b852c2df8a76596582cd/analysis/1343505540/

File hashes:

MD5: E9771F8036AB9A541D26C4557E0CD95D
SHA-1: 1783684220FC9C5C635DFEA127C7C91F2D701E2F
SHA-256: C87816AC491BAFA2FAB95A7D4A7B995F047420CF2553B852C2DF8A76596582CD


Many thanks Tom,

Very much appreciated, I've had to go back to old XP machine to do scans for now, will swap it out for the new Win7 machine again on Sunday and try the driver.

Thanks again



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Hi Chris,

You're most welcome, glad I could help. Good luck with the installation!



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That driver didn't work for me. What did work was installiong the x64 driver from Epron for their Epson Expression 1680 Professional scanner instead. I had to force the Device Manager driver install to use the .inf file for the 1680.
Here's how:

Download and run the Epron file.
It will extract to here:

Then cancel the install process.
Open Device Manager.
Right click the scanner (will have yellow "!")
click update driver, click click :Brownse my comp", click "let me pick from list..." , click have disk, then browse to here:
pick any inf, and it should go from there.

It doesn't show any inf files and the drivers that Tom982 have posted aren't working either, as if they aren't linking correctly. Running win 7 x64. I'm not too excellent with computers but I can usually follow instructions when given to me~


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I've tried both solutions, but have been met with limited success. (Windows 8 x64 + 1660 Photo Scanner).

1) Downloaded the "unofficial" driver file - Epson1660_Vista_x64_v1.zip

Ran the Setup.exe file, which (apparently) installed the "Epson Scan" program, but upon running it, wouldn't recognize the scanner. (Turns out it didn't install the drivers for the scanner). So I did this by going to the device manager, saying I had a disk and pointing the to the download folder. The driver will not install. I get the following message when pointing to the "es25.inf" file:

"Windows found driver software for your device, but encountered an error while attempting to install it. EPSON Perfection 1660. The hash for the file is not present in the specified catalog file. The file is likely corrupt or the victim of tampering."

2) I also installed the drivers for the Expression 1680 Professional Scanner. I was able to download and install the drivers without too much difficulty. The updated Epson scan program worked and I was able to obtain a flatbed scan.

However, the Epson 1680 has a completely different physical interface for scanning film and transparency media (whole top lid is lit up and the plastic "positioners" cover the entire bed, whereas the 1660 Photo has only a center-strip lit up and different "positioners").

So, while gaining the ability for flatbed scanning, I'll be losing the option for transparency and film scanning (which was why I purchased the scanner in the first place).


With respect to windows 8 x64, it doesn't look like the "unofficial" scanner driver works at all and the 1680, while it works fine for flatbed scanning, isn't a solution for those seeking scans of negatives or transparencies.

I've not found any other (free) options on the 'net. Not even looked at the (paid) option mentioned on the Epson product website, though I think it was on offer for around $50.

:sa: Tad miffed that Epson, which I would figure is a reputable company, doesn't continue to support their products in a 64-bit world, especially that 64-bit has been around since XP days. Shame on them.

Not sure the path forward. Not keen on paying an additional $50 just to retain capabilities that (a) I don't often use and (b) not been completely satisfied with, in terms of quality. (Might be more worth my while to investigate a camera-based solution to "scanning" old transparencies ... and just use option (2) above to solve 95% of my scanning needs).

Anyway ... like a few, I signed up for this forum to post this one drive-by thread.


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Hallo and thanks for your support.
I have a big problem: I tried to click onto the link you provided to have access to Epson 1660 Photo scanner x64 drivers, but it made me come back to the homepage of the forum, probably due to a software problem.
Could you help me sending a valid link where I can download Epson 1660 Photo scanner x64 drivers?
If you want to be more secure I joined the goal, you can send the link (or all the drivers) directly to my e-mail address:

Thank you in advance for your reply.

Paolo Osti
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I had a bear of a time trying to find Vista x64 drivers for this scanner, so with some help from "Smoove Love" over at PlanetAMD64 forums, I was able to deconstruct the x64 drivers for the Perfection 2400 and create a driver install package for the 1660.

This driver set should install the printer with the correct name and in the the correct registry location.

While the drivers work fine for me, I take no responsibility for its effects on your system or registry. Use at your own risk/discretion. Drop me a PM if you have any questions!

I needed a place to upload the file, so I put it on Megaupload, hope that's ok!


I'm new here but where can I find this Epson 1660 and how to download it?


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Since I had been searching all over and found this thread, I wanted to let people know that vistax64user's solution also works for Windows 10 (64 bit)!

It needed a little extra effort to get it to work, though. I didn't document my actions, so here's the gist of what I did:

First, I, of course, unzipped the file to somewhere of my choosing.
Next, I disabled Device Driver signing using option 2 at Enable/Disable Device Driver Signing in Windows 10
Last, instead of running the setup.exe in the zip file, I went into the Device Manager to install the driver. In there, I right clicked my Epson Scanner (which had a little yellow exclamation) and selected Update Driver, browsed to the folder where zip file was extracted. Yada yada yada, I had the lobster bisque, and now it works great!

Despite the vagueness, I hope that helps someone.


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I had to create an account to let everyone know that the above method invaderjim used to install the driver for the Epson Perfection 1660 scanner in Windows 10 does indeed work like a charm. I had previously installed these unofficial drivers on my Win 7 install and they worked great but going to Win 10 rendered the scanner useless...or so I thought. The trick that got the driver to install was disabling the device driver signing in Win 10 as mentioned above in invaderjim's post. Follow the link in his post above for details on how to disable the driver signing then do exactly what he says in the post. After the driver installed, I ran setup in the unzipped file folder to install Epson Scan. After a reboot I was able to use the Epson Scan shortcut on the desktop to bring up the scanner settings dialog box that allows you to preview your scan and change settings. Can't tell you how glad I was when this method worked...I was literally laughing out loud that I finally found a solution to this problem. I was pulling my hair out for weeks trying to get this to work and now it does again..not bad for a scanner that came out in 2002!! Thanks invaderjim...you made my day! I've attached the unofficial drivers in the hope that this will help someone else out in the future.


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