Update 32bit -> 64 bit and network won't work anymore


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I update (means clean install) Vista Business 32 bit to 64 bit and after that the network connection won't work anymore. Problem is that vista won't get the IP-address from DHCP (tried in small office network with some cheap Zyxel and big corporate network with expensive stuff) and said that the connection is limited and network is unidentified. I try to solve problem with google and already try some regedit things, update vista with SP2, update network controller driver and try to limit speed & duplex to 100 Mbps and 10 Mbps but non of those works. This forum is my last hope, if someone have any clues, please tell to me.

Checked also with linux and the computer gets the IP. So there have to be some problems with this Vista Business 64 bit.
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