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Update doesn't apply to your system error

Hello, I'm having trouble installing standalone updates off of Microsofts site. I just ran WSUS offline update couple hours ago and it said I had all the latest updates but when i check the Installed Updates from the Programs and Features menu and compare the newest Microsoft Security Bulletins I seem to be missing a dozen of the new security updates, namely: KB3205715, KB3214051, KB3217587, KB4011981, KB4012373 and KB4012497 from the bulletins between MS17-12 up to MS17-023. When I download these updates individually and try to run them I get an error that begs that the updates don't apply to my system, what gives?

Thanks in advance!

My Computer

Hi Sopuli,

you're trying to install updates that have either been superseded (KB4012497, KB4011981, KB3214051), do not apply to all installations (KB4012373, KB3217587) or are already installed (KB3205715). You are very likely to have KB4015195, KB4014793, KB4014652 and KB3205715 installed. Consider running Windows Update for verification of KB3205715, KB3214051, KB3217587, KB4011981, KB4012373 and KB4012497 actually being redundant.

Regards, VZ

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