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Update error 80070490

For Service Pack 1.

I've checked around and found a few answers on here but they are all a little different and there doesn't seem to be a generic fix for this.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

my concern with the install thing, is when i ask to upgrade it says to back up files.

is that just a general precaution i can ignore, or does it mean that if i don't i will lose everything?


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OK, lets talk man to man. Anything like this you should back up first, regarldess if your stuff could be lost.
i could be a woman for all you know :D

nah seriously, i don't have anywhere available to store that amount of data. which i guess means i can't resolve it until i do.


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As a general rule try to keep your data on a separate drive from your system if using a desktop, this will ensure your data is safe if the system fails. If using a laptop then follow the advice given and buy an external USB drive. This will ensure your data is more secure. I use the best of both worlds with my desktop using 2 HD`s and the important data always backed up to an external drive. The initial outlay is worth it if your drives fail.