Solved Update error(s) 9C47 and 8000FFFF?

Platform Update for Windows Vista x64-based Systems (KB971644)

Windows Internet Explorer 9 for Windows Vista for x64-based systems

these are the updates I can't get installed.

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Here..let me start from the beginning..I have win vista 64 bit home premium, I uninstalled ie 8 and 9 and vista sp2 and now I'm back to 1 so I let "windows update" update up to sp2 and I get an error messaege everytime at vista platform update code 8000ffff, and 9C47 error codes, how to I fix this? hould I install ie8 with sp1 first?

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You can't just copy and paste - you need to attach the files.
Use the Adavnced options and click on the paper-clip - follow the instructions

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    Acer Aspire 8930G
I did a reinstallment, I had to, my pc just had too many problems beyond repair, I thank you so much for the help and i'm very sorry for any burdens..

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