USB Mic quality.


I purchased three wireless headsets and returned two of them in the last month. Two were made by creative (One the HS-1200) and the one I have now is the .Audio 995 by Plantronics. Every one of them had the same issue, the mic quality is awful. They even sound the same.

I honestly don't know where to look anymore, I've tried everything I can think of down to fiddling with settings under sound to installing drivers. My suspicion is its something to do with the USB drive not working with my sound card when it comes to the mic. I've plugged these headsets into every USB on my PC, around 6-8 different places.

When I go under sound/recording/Microphone/properties/advanced I cannot change the default format from the lowest setting. Yet when I plug in my jack headset I can change that to whatever I please. Is the problem that the mic is just set to low quality? Help would be much appreciated.

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