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userlist in regedit adventure!

Hey guys,

long time windows user, fixing and tinkering was never an issue for me on windows, always other users posting and commenting.

So... two days ago I have a hard drive failure, which still works after a scandisk, format, and reinstall vista. Voila it works again.

Right after the reinstallation I have the problem where I keep getting logged in with a temporary account, and I've never run into this problem before. I thought it would be a smart idea to remove certain parts of the userlist in regedit (computer/hkeylocalmachine/software/microsoft/windowsnt/currentversion/).

except i deleted the entire userlist, included things like network and local and whatnot. now I cannot login, i get the error "user profile service failed to load", and only safemode works.

I don't want to do a system restore, because I'll be back in the situation I was in before, with the temp profile and having to re-download updates. Is there a fast way to... "create" a new userlist registry? I cant create new profiles in control panel/users in safe mode.

I've searched for some documentation on it, but no avail. not sure where to start.

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Use a boot disc - vista pe or 7 pe will do.

Load the hives with regedit and make any changes you want.

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