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Using Hotmail (XXXX@msn.com) mail with Vista


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I don't quite understand what the bug-a-boo is with Hotmail and Vista. Like, aren't they both Microsoft, and why did MS launch a OS platform that doesn't support their own mail program????? Duh... Anyway... here is the problem. I downloaded Windows Live Mail, thinking I could utilize my Hotmail account with Vista, but still not working. EXAMPLE: I am on Craigslist... I want to repond to an ad by clicking on the link that shoudl bring me to my mail program.... I got the message that it didn't support my "msn.com" address, so I changed to Yahoo... it will bring up Yahoo mail program, but I want to use my main mail program, msn.com (Hotmail).... how can I utilize accessing the mail links in craigslist ad, for example and have it go to my Hotmail program?
Windows XP was just great! What is Vista all about, anyway?

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You can use Hotmail with Windows Live Mail...I'm using it at the moment. however my address is "@hotmail.com" and not "msn.com". Howver looking around on the web I found this..

Your mail is here, come and get it!

I have not had time to look at it all, but could be a starting point for your problem.

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