Using Net Use on a remote machine


Hello All,

I have a situation where I need to map a network drive on a remote server so that a scheduled installation can tale place from the mapped drive. For scheduling the installation I used the Schtasks.exe which has an option to create the scheduled task on a remote machine too using :

Schtasks.exe /create /S <remote computer name>

What I am interested in knowing is if there is any EXE file that can help me map a network drive on a remote computer in the same manner as schtasks.exe as there is no option for doing it in net.exe that is used for mapping a network drive. To avoid confusion let me put up :

machine that I want to map the network drive upon : ABC
Server on which i need to map the network drive upon : XYZ
Network path to be mapped : \\PQR


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Hi rahul1911,

The procedure should be possible. Here's a tutorial that may help as it contains additional commands and addresses share issues: How-To Map a Network Drive using Windows 7, Vista or Windows Server 2008.

I hope this helps. If not, check to make sure the server is sharing properly and that permissions are set to allow this to occur (you aren't prohibited from Group Policy or Active Directory) and/or that you are using an appropriate username and/or password if required.

Good luck!


Hello All,

The links that you provided are very much helpful, but my issue is a bit different, as mentioned in my post I do not want to map the drive on my machine that I am using for executing the Net Use command instead I need to map it onto a remote server so that a scheduled task can use that mapped drive and install a software.

As mentioned earlier :

server on which I want to run the command : ABC
server on which I want to map the network path : XYZ
and the network path is : \\PQR


Let me try to put up the actual task that I need to carry out.

I need to do patching on 400+ servers using an automated procedure. This would involve running of a installer file on the servers at specified time using Windows scheduler tasks.

Now I have already automated the part about creating the Scheduled tasks on every server. I used the schtaksks.exe utility for the same. I used a for loop to run the job creation command 400+ times and a scheduled task was created on every server.

What I now require is to have the Network path containing the installer file mapped on every server so that the scheduled task can run the file from the mapped drive. I have already tried to run the file from the same network path without mapping it but it does not work. So the only option I have is to map the installer file network path on every server and then run it.

As the number of servers is 400+ it would not be possible to do it manually so I am looking forward to a utility that can help me map the same network path on every one of those 400+ servers.

Anyone has any ideas how I can do it :(