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Vista 64 bit and Call of Duty 2

A few weeks ago I posted a message for help in getting Call of Duty 2 multiplayer to run in vista. I got alot of good ideas from members on how to reslove the problem. Unfortunately nothing worked and I gave up any hope of doing any online gaming with my favorite game. Single player worked fine but the multiplayer refused to go past the startup screen before vista shut it down. Then the other day I purchased Call of Duty 4 and much to my surprise low and behold ---same problem but with a new game designed with vista in mind. Unlike Call of Duty 2 Activision is giving updated support for 4. In their support FAQs someone also had the same error. They gave several remedies as the problem lied in the onboard Realtech sound card. I had to do all three of the options but it finally runs. So I thought if it works for Call of Duty 4 it might be the same for 2 and it was. It finally works as it did with Windows XP. The bottom line is if you can't get Call of Duty 2 multiplayer to run in Vista go to Activision's support site and look for the fix-its for Call of Duty 4. Crazy but it worked.