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Vista 64 bit ultimate hangs on install

I just built my first PC.

Asus p6t mobo
EVGA 2GB GTX 285 video card
12 GB corsair DDR3 RAM
Seagate 500 GB SATA HD (as well as 2 others that will be formatted).
Intel i7 920 processor

I set the computer to boot from an old IDE DVD writer from my old PC that I intalled into the new machine and I get the windows loading files and then the Window vista splash screen and then I get the background and mouse and nothing else.

At one point I tried to remove some of my RAM and tried and still the same. However after reinstalling and trying again I did get the load screen and it loaded to the point of expanding files and then it sat there for an hour and did nothing but advance the little periods after the expanding files text. I reset the machin and I got the boot mgr missing error. To correct that I just switched to another hard drive since all my drives will be formatted once I intall my OS.

I still think maybe since I have 12 GB or RAM that is the problem but I was told that with the DDR3 RAM on that mother board I cannot run less the 2 DIMMs and each DIMM is 2 GB so I can't really boot with less than 4 GB at a time.

Does anyone have any suggestions?