Vista 64 installation problem (BSOD)


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Hi. I am in the process of installing windows vista home premium onto my newly built pc. I built it myself, specs are:
CPU: Q9550
RAM: G.Skill PC8500
GPU: MSI 4850
DVD Burner: LG with Lightscribe
CPU Cooler: Xigmatek HDT-S1283
PSU: Kingwin 700W
HDD: (3) WD6400AACS
Case: NZXT Alpha

While I am trying to install vista, I get past the loading screen, comes up to the "choose the language screen". After I hit next on that screen it takes about a minute to get to the product key code screen, then takes another minute to the following screen. I get to the disk installation selection screen and it recognizes my two raids that I have set up, one is a raid 0 over all 3 with a stripe size of 128kb and a partition size of 120gb (i know its prolly overkill), and the other is a raid 5 over all 3 with the rest of the available space, about 1112gb. I select the raid 0 for the install, then am taken to to a screen that says "copying files", that completes, then when I get to the expanding files step, it bsod's at certain %'s. the first bsod I got on it was at 28%, then at 41%, then at 48%. The stop is IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. Earlier, I was getting BSOD's, never a repeated stop, at different stages. I realized that I hadnt adjusted the voltage in the bios for my ram and did so and since then this is the usual stop that I have been getting at the usual spot. I am really not sure what to do. My temps in the machine are: system temp 35C and cpu 43C. I am not oc'ing my cpu yet, or anything for that matter. Those temps are according to the PC health bios menu.
I was thinking of trying a few different things:
1. using just 1 stick of ram as some people have mentioned in other os installation threads
2. making sure my hs is secure (I dont know if the temps are good/bad or cause for bsod or even the sluggish installation, that is if it is considered sluggish)
3. trying the stock hs (yea i know that it wouldnt make sense right now considering that the fan on the hs I have right now is blowin, but idk)
4. adding more thermal paste????? dont know if that would help the situation or not
5. anything that anyone else can offer for advice
Any responses are very much appreciated. Thanks!

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ok, so i took out one of my 2 sticks of ram. I booted with only the one stick of 2g in the 1st ddr2 slot on the mobo and it booted a bit more quickly. It got to vista a bit more quickly, went through the entire installation process first try and worked.
But, I go to stick that stick of ram back into the slot one of Channel B and I get the slower boot up then a BSOD. I restart the comp again without changing hardware and it keeps rebooting to the "hit del for bios" screen, then resets again and again at this spot. So, I take both sticks out and put the one that was in Channel B that I thought my be dead and stuck it into Channel A slot 1 and left the other stick out. Computer boots up perfectly like before with the installation process. So then I keep that stick in, turn off comp and retry with slots 2 and 3 with the other stick. 2 works, but 3 causes the comp to not boot properly (eventually bsod or no post). So I check my bios, go to the clocking menu and a message pops up that mentions something about how the system couldnt boot those times because of an overclocking issue. But I'm not overclocking (unless you consider the voltage adjustment to the memory's settings overclock). Right now I got the comp booted with slots 1 and 4 running. My comp is in the process of formatting my raid 5 atm and hasnt shown any problems or slowing down.
I figure I should try that slot 3 again. If it doesnt work, does that mean dead slot 3 on mobo? Any suggestions or fixes or something?

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Hi Dagr8cornholi0, welcome to the board.

I like to let you know you are half way there, just calm down, my friend.:D
You have to wait till all the window updates is done before you reinstall the other 2 gigs.

If still doesn't help. Google for a hot fix update and follow the instruction and you are home free. Here you go:

Hope this helps.

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  • CPU
    EVGA 122-CK-NF67-A1 680i
    4 x OCZ Platinum 1GB
    Graphics Card(s)
    ATI Radeon HD 5850 1GB
    Sound Card
    SB X-Fi X Audio
    Monitor(s) Displays
    Samsung 23" 5MS
    Screen Resolution
    2048 x 1152
    Hard Drives
    2 x Barracuda 7200.10 320GB RAID 0 / 1 x 500GB Maxtor
    Seasonic 600W M12
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