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Solved Vista Aero crash on ASUS M51 series, solved

I got an ASUS M51 laptop 2 years ago with Vista Ultimate 32. I felt pretty good about the machine, until I connected a second LCD monitor with DVI connection. Connecting with VGA port had no crash problem, but I prefer using DVI with a HDMI/DVI cable. Using non-Aero theme had no problem.

Occasionally the system reported graphic card driver crashed and tried to recover. Sometimes the system recovered, more often not, leading to total crashing of Windows.

Surely I did the following:
1. Reinstall the latest graphic drivers.
2. Reinstall the latest ASUS splendid utilities.
3. Keep Windows patches updated.
4. Install and uninstall some Windows hot fixes, as suggested by some newsgroups' posts.
5. Many other methods.

None worked. So I gave up Aero for almost a year. Until I read a post when searching for answer about mysterious disappearing of desktop icons when the desktop is refreshing sometimes. The post had the finger pointed to Power4Gear eXtreme. For some reasons, the default settings of Miscellaneous power settings of the Quite Office profile will hide desktop icons. After changing the setting to No, the desktop icons stay still forever. And the Windows graphic driver crashing occurred less often.

As the crashing still happened, so I uninstalled ASUS Splendid utilities. And crashing of graphic driver never come back.

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