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Hallo All.

Can anyone please help me. I have a Lenovo y50-70 laptop. I like my vista and would like to stick with it for a while still but have problems with it.

It looks like Vista and y50 doesn't like each other.

In bios, updated to newest bios, reset to defaults, UEFI disabled, only legacy running, disabled all other related tech in bios, virtual crap, etc.

USB2 and USB3 flash drives with untouched Vista Business and Ultimate SP1 and SP2 with USB DVD drive also SP1 and SP2.

Whether you use USB2 or USB3 port, it will install once on either. Boot to desktop. Reboot and if you forget the USB or the DVD in the port it will corrupt the profile. It hangs intermittently, it freezes, it gives file errors, reading errors, etc.

The OS's are clean, drives are clean and Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and windows 10 run's fine on it.

Remember when the old AMD K6-250 CPU's hit the market, you could install win95 once and upon restart it would fail boot. Then Microsoft brought out a memory workaround that solved the issue, but you still needed to install the OS first. I think the problem relates to memory management or CPU and memory management.

I dont get BSOD's. Just freezing, corruption, etc. ....intermittently.

Can anybody please help me fix this or know the reason why this is happening. Currently running Win7, do wish to run Vista though. Thanx. JJ
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