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vista crashed, forceing me to reinstall and format all partitions


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so this morning my laptop was working fine. then it just turned off because of low batery. now that i plugged it in it sais that some files got damaged and it has to solve the problem. after leaving it on it goes to recovery. wich basicly sais that i have to format all partitions. i thought in the past it was just the partition where windows is on.

- how could i enter dos or copy the files i have on my main partition. i cannot enter windows. its not even offering any safe mode or anything, so cant do it that way.

-is there a way of fixing the "damaged" windows without having to reinstall everything?

- is there a way of opening my partition running an os on a cd or something? so i can copy the stuff on a cd or flashdrive

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This is a program that you can load from CD to save your data: ( Computer First Aid Using Knoppix). As far as repairing your system, there is probably little hope since your power failure seems to have happened during some critical operation. It is always a good idea to keep an eye on the battery status.

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