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Vista desktop, user profile and network problems


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I turned my computer on, on Saturday, and found half my desktop icons missing, my quick launch icons missing and the connected to the internet icon missing from my screen. I am still able to connect to the internet although i have no access to my network settings now either, when i go to network and sharing center it tells me 'server execution failed', i tried a fix i found on a website, going into command prompt and typing
"net localgroup "Administrators" "NT Authority\Local Service" /add"
this didn't work.
Also when i opened Firefox to browse the web, all my bookmarks and tool bars were missing.
I found the missing desktop icons in a user profile folder, the profile i had actually logged on under, the profile it seemed to be showing on my desktop was the public profile, as the only icons in that profile desktop folder were the ones showing.
So, after messing with it for a bit, and getting no-where, and the network and sharing center freezing up on me, i go to task manager and shut down the network and sharing center, click on the Firefox icon to go on the web and everything is back, tool bars, bookmarks, all my original settings, even my quick launch icons are back. I still cant access my network tho even tho i can connect to the internet..

Also while all this was happening i kept getting an error popping up on my screen when certain programs were trying to run, these errors revolved around NPAapi.dll.

So, now all is running "smooth" things seem to be where they should be, i go to my comp today and its back to how it was Saturday, i repeated what i did Saturday and now its back to normal, but i still cant access the network..

I have run PC tools anti spy-ware software, AVG anti virus software and am currently running malwarebytes anti malware software, but so far nothing has been picked up as malicious by any of these.

Has anyone here ever had any of these issues with Vista and can anyone help me...i really dont wanna have to go back to the factory settings if i can help it.

im running vista home premium on a HP a6010n PC with 2 gigs of ram.

thanks in advance, any help will be greatly appreciated.


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