Vista group policy management console


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Right here is the situation: -

I have a Vista computer which I am testing on our network. Our network is made up of all Windows XP Pro machines and is run on a Windows Server 2003 environment.
For our XP machines, we have created a GPO on the domain for the windows firewall so that when the computer is logged on, the GPO is picked up and the firewall is automatically configured for our computers.
One feature of Vista is the advanced Windows firewall.
Also one feature of Vista is the fact that when you create a GPO in Vista, it uses .admx/.adml files instead of .adm files.
This means that the following steps need to be taken to be able to create Vista GPOs on our domain. Policy ADMX Files Step by Step Guide.doc

I have now populated the domain controller with these files and so these should now be picked up when i go to create a new GPO on the Vista machine.
But when I go to create a GPO on the Vista machine and I am connected to the domain, for some reason it is not picking up the .admx/.adml files that I copied to the Domain Controller.
So I am unable to configure the Advanced Firewall settings that come with Vista.
I have read that there are two versions of group policy management console, version 1 and version 2.
Apparently Vista comes installed with version 2 as it does not work with version 1. But suprise suprise, my buisiness edition came with version 1!!

Could that be where the problem is?
If so, then I wont be able to do anything until GPMC ver.2 is release shortly after Windows server 2008 :(

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