Vista home premium Mail Export errors


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Hi All,
Can anyone help me here please?
I'm still having loads of trouble exporting (i.e. backing up) my emails.
I make a empty folder, and do export selected mail folders to that empty desktop folder. The export says it was successful.
But the results are nonsense - somewhat related to what I exported, but with loads of errors.
Some folders are named incorrectly - like they have retained names that they had months ago, but not the current names as seen in Win Mail.
And most of the emails within them dont show the same date / time (in win explorer) as they do when I view the originals in Win Mail, certainly times are all screwed up.
Sometimes, some mails are just plain missing.
Does anybody have any idea what is happening, and if there is any way to make the export work correctly, this is driving me batty!!!
Thanks all!

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