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Vista Home Premium x32bit; SP2 & boot failed

You know, when an update tells you not to shutdown the computer... Don't shutdown the computer.:confused: Just yesterday (November 23 2009) the update manager was getting on my nerves to update my SP1 to SP2, so I allowed it.. Well, I was impatient and decided to let it all configure tomorrow but when I turned on my computer I was hit with an error message on Boot plus it won't continue to my Desktop nor will it boot in Safe Mode:huh:.

I don't quite remember what the error said but the first number-code was !! 0xc0000034 !!.
I had tried looking for help but everything I found, hadn't helped one bit. Currently I'm trying to get a System Restore from the CD-DVD to restore before I installed SP2, but it's just hanging at "Finalizing File Restore."
At this stage, I'm a little desperate, but I'm trying not to Reformat my Vista seeing how I have no way of getting my files off the HDD. Otherwise any help is appreciated.


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