Vista Home & Windows 7 - Shared Folder Problem


Hello - I’ve been unable to configure sharing on my home LAN to meet the following objective:
Share folders that reside on the Vista Home PC with a Windows 7 PC. DO NOT share Vista or Windows 7 folders with the Apple PC; rather block the Apple PC from any access to Vista or Windows 7 computers/folders.
My home LAN has 3 PCs on it:

  1. Vista Home (Used by me)
  2. Windows 7 Premium (Used by wife)
  3. Apple (Used by child)
What I’ve attempted/configured on both Vista and Windows 7:

  1. Workgroup = WORKGROUP
  2. Firewall “printer and file sharing” - checked.
  3. Attempted to follow these instructions: Sharing Between Windows Vista and Windows 7 Computers
I was unable to turn off password protected sharing on the Vista PC ? I set it off but it always resets immediately to on?
FYI - my PC skill level is medium. Any help in reaching my “objective” would be appreciated. Thanks.

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