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Vista HP & Belkin Router.


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Please excuse a question from a computer numpty.

Been trying for days to get this sorted.

No1 PC (Compaq) runs on XP home, No2 PC (Acer) runs on Vista HP & I want to use a wired router so that PC2 can access the internet.

We have Virgin broadband.

The internet connection on PC1 is fine, but PC2 won't connect, we keep getting an error message saying there is a connectivity problem.

Belkins tech support is about as much use as a back pocket in a sock. They claim a faulty network card on PC2. Acer's tech support haven't replied.

According to the Belkin help menu, we need to run the network setup wizard on both machines, but apparently its not supported by Vista?

Do I need to buy a different model of router?


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