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VISTA laptop with XP-office problem

i have a spanking new HP laptop with VISTA. :zip:
Computer tech i go to put on XP-office for me. ((Will be taking off VISTA/operating system later and putting on XP operating system; time got too short for that now...))
Problem is opening XP-version WORD documents (.doc) that are password protected. ((Simple "password to open" option.))
Interestingly, same problem did NOT (completely) exist on 1-year-old home computer(ACER/2007) that also has VISTA, I simply disabled all the firewalls etc. from the security options, I believe it was Symantec.
New laptop has Symantec but those options I had before are not available.
So we disabled Symantec on the laptop, i think i even had it removed.... not sure...
Perhaps it was AVG free antivirus ware, not sure, in any event, i don't have the same options to 'disable' this and that.
Perhaps things have changed in Symantec between 2007 to now....

Resolve I tried: In VISTA's Control Panel I go to 'firewalls' but I don't see the same options; I don't see the same program. The choices are not the same.
Can't figure out how to "allow" VISTA to let me open these documents.
Is there a loop around this?:confused:
Problem will only continue for next 7days while I correspond with someone using password documents while I travel, using laptop. When I return from this 3-week travel, I'm taking laptop back to Tech for him to wipe VISTA/OS and put on XP/OS.~!:D! ((Don't have time before leaving.))

Again no problem on home computer; totally able to disable firewalls etc, so I can open the document.
Another home computer ((Dell, from 2002)) had a different security program altogether and i didn't have to disable ANYthing... it was "normally" allowing me to open ALL password-protected documents.

Does it have anything to do with Internet Options/Security, in the I.E. toolbar?? I put those all down to the minimal levels, and I even forwarded the email to YAHOO just to see... still same problem.

BTW Original email is Earthlink.net

Thanks for any help/tips.
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how do i get rid of whatever is preventing me from opening a simple password-protected WORD document (in XP) on my laptop (which is VISTA).(it is not read only and it is not password-protect for modifying, only for opening)..

Is this just not possible, unless i change my laptop to XP, or change my document to '07-?
or disable every security feature on my computer?
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