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VISTA or Word

I run “Word” 2007 on VISTA and have a small problem I cannot correct. I messed up the default settings and cannot recover or set the page to where I want. I want the cursor to start at where the “heading” or inside address would begin. I think that is roughly 2 and ½ inches down and 1 inch from the left side then I want the first tab at where the indention would begin; the right margin should be the same at the left. I have set them but they only hold for the document I am working on, yes I set it as “default”. I think the ribbon boxes of say margins interfere with it. Any suggestions? Thank-you.

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North Carolina
Load the Word 2007 cd in cd drive and run it. You should have some options there: reinstall, uninstall and repair. click on repair and ok. That should do it.

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