Solved Vista printer problems, printer spooler error


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Thankyou! Thankyou! Perrylea

If you are reading this, your solution helped me reinstall my printer. I was getting the print spooler app error message in Vista, as you were, and this is what I did upon following the advice in your blog. You definately helped me with a frustrating problem, and now I would like to help others with the same problem.

1. I went to Device Manager and clicked on View -> Show Hidden
Devices. Selected System Devices. And Uninstalled both the UMBus
Enumerator as well as the UMBus Root Bus Enumerator.

2. Rebooted.

3. Downloaded the drivers for my printer (Dell A960)

4. Installed the drivers for my printer from the download.

5. Printer worked.

This is this readers digest condensed version of Perrylea's solution.

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