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Solved vista problem with personalized settings not responding

I have windows vista on a laptop. I went to shut it down last night but it seems it was doing an update and I didn't realize it. So when I restarted it, it now comes up with a personalized settings(not responding) message in upper left corner. I can access hard drive and windows task manager. Is there somewhere a backup is located to restore this? Or some how do a system restore? The only discs I have are the Toshiba recovery discs but I don't want to use them as they say they will reformat hard drive and I will lose all info. I saw a regback folder on the hard drive. Would that have something in it?


Staff member
Hello Chuck, and welcome to Vista Forums.

A System Restore using a restore point dated before the update incident may be able to fix this for you. The link will help show you how to do one even though you have a OEM Vista.

Hope this helps,