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Vista says my home network wireless is a hidden network

Homer, Alaska
My home network has several componants. DSL 1024 down 250 up and wireless 4500 down, 3000 up My windows xp computer is connected to the wireless, vista 64 ultimate is connected to DSL but both are part of my home network and I am able to share files. This part is fine it is hard wired. My laptop xp pro wireless or hard wired sees the home network all is good. Problem my tablet vista premium 32 can only connect to wireless down wirelessly is not able to share files.Not part of home network. file sharing and discovery are on It will connect to home network hard cable and share files when I get thwwat part figured out. It is a member of home network Vista says my home network wireless is a hidden network. How do I correct this problem. I am using a DSL modem to a monowall router with wireless to switches through out the house. The wireless signal from a different provider through a (5 meg I think anttena) also goes to the mono wall router. Monowall router is working correctly, at least hard wired. The purpose of a wireless home network is to sorry be wireless and able to move around and share files. Sorry if it is confusing I had it all working with xp Vista is a problem, that I have not figured out yet. Help

My Computer

System One

  • Manufacturer/Model
    Built by me with help from a lot of different newsgroups
    2 dual core 275 opterons
    tyan 2885
    4 gigs corsair reg ecc
    Graphics Card(s)
    ATI 3850 agp graphic card
    Monitor(s) Displays
    1 SynMaster 2253LW 1 SyncMaster 206BW samsung 32 inch LCD
    Screen Resolution
    1680 x 1050 1600 x 900 still working on it
    Hard Drives
    Highpoint raid 1820 raid 5 5 raptors, just repaired 3 more for photos scratch spare
    2 power supplies about 1500 total watts
    2 Thermaltake cases married together
    logitec wireless trackball
    logitech wireless
    Internet Speed
    DSL 1024 down 350 up, wireless mesh 4500 down 3500 up
    Other Info
    Win tv 1600 with satalite tv connected to it.

    just had to replace primary monitor, old just plain failed
    2253 LW is pretty cool almost 4 more inches wide mode than previous which was big, this is massive almost don't need second monitor

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