Vista SD Card Icon in File Open Dialog Missing


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On my laptop I have an SD card slot. Whenever an SD card is in, a removable storage device shows up in "Computer" in Explorer. When I open up "Computer" through the start menu, the icon for the drive as expected (the standard SD card icon), but if I navigate to "Computer" in a File Open dialog (e.g. in Firefox, File->Open File...), the icon is missing. The drive is there, but the icon is one of those generic missing-icon icons. I've attached a screen shot.

This is a relatively new build (Vista Business x64), and I've noticed it from day one.

Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks.


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Any thoughts on this?

I've deleted my icon cache, and there was no change.

I've also tried to change the icon for a drive using the registry, as explained in a few tutorials and posts on this site, and that hasn't worked either. In fact, I can't even change the icon that appears in "My Computer" for the SD Card drive, let alone in the File Open Dialog.

For completeness, attached is the proper icon being displayed in My Computer.


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