Vista-SP1 distribution Halted


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Microsoft admitted it had no choice but to suspend its mass distribution via its Windows Update site for XP SP3 and Vista SP1 while it attempts to fix the glitch in its specialist point-of-sale (POS) app – Dynamics RMS – which is used to manage about 38,000 different small to medium-sized retail businesses worldwide.

Full Story: MS misses restart button on desktop auto-updates | The Register
Original Statement: Release to Web (RTW) Delayed - TechNet Forums

Must be a huge bug forcing Microsoft to halt distribution of both Service Packs...
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Yep, i've readen it this morning but in the french press it is said that for Vista (SP1) the autoupdate is not suspended on the windows update web site though they suspended automatic updates, on the web site they just warn the RMS users.
For XP, the bug seems quite "important" said the Microsoft representative.


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