Vista Twain Driver for a Fujitsu fi-6770a scanner will not load


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I am attempting to setup a Fijitsu Fi-6770a scanner on my PC running Vista Ultmate 64 Bit.

I have downloaded the Twain Driver From Fijitsu - (Computing Products - Fujitsu Global...) and the driver installs without error by following the instructions at (Computing Products - Fujitsu Global...)

However when I plug the scanner into the PC USB port the OS system can not find the *.inf file for the driver to load on auto detect.

Not sure what I am doing wrong however no Twain Driver is loaded or found. I also ran the setup in Admin mode - still no help.

Any Ideas?


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Nobody appears to have this model so best to contact Fujitsu support I would imagine.

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In all likelihood, you need the installation disc to complete the setup. It should also have the Twain driver.