Vista UAC or Folder Permissions issue


Hopefully I am in the correct forum but sincere apologies if I am not. Apologies also for the length of the post but I wanted to explain in as much detail as possible. I have looked through the ten pages in this forum with similar questions but none meet my exact problem unfortunately.

Basic problem is with administrator permissions as described below using Vista SP2 Home Basic with all updates. This is my personal home PC with just one account used by me alone and I have full administrator privileges.

I immediately back-up any files I have opened and amended to a usb pen drive. In addition, every evening I back-up every file I have accessed during that day to an external portable hard drive via usb connection.

When using the usb pen drive option I simply right click the file and then 'send to' the relevant usb pen drive. No problem at all and it works instantly. If I want to send a file from the pen drive to the PC or delete a file from the pen drive, that too works instantly. However when I try and do the same to my external hard drive i.e. right click and 'send to' the portable hard drive from my PC I cannot do it with the same ease.

Firstly I get the on screen message 'Destination folder access denied. You'll need administrator permission to copy to this folder' (the 'folder' is in fact the external drive). I then choose the 'continue' option to be met by a second screen saying 'Windows needs your permission to continue'. I choose the 'ok' option and the file is sent to the portable hard drive.

Similarly if I try and copy a file from the portable hard drive back to my PC or try and delete a file from the portable hard drive I get the same series of on screen messages.

How can I stop these messages appearing and make the portable hard drive act just like the pen drive please?

I would like not to have to disable UAC entirely. I cannot understand why the pen drive 'send to' works easily but the hard drive 'send to' does not.

Many thanks for any help or advice offered.

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