Vista UAC treats iexplorer.exe (7.0) as an unidentified publisher


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I installed Vista Home Premium doing a clean install over Windows 2000 Pro. Whenever I double click on IE icon, Vista opens a User Access Control window
prompts me for permission whenever I (or any application) tries to launch
internet explorer 7.0 (after providing properties of administrator).
Is this a normal condition with Vista? Is there a problem with the UAC
settings? I suspect an installation issue because Vista does not
recognize Internet Explorer 7.0 as an identified publisher but Opera or Firefox runs fine without prompts. This because a problem when
many programs try to launch Internet Explorer 7.0 for activation or updates can't complete
their connection to the internet. I can manually launch Internet Explorer by double clicking its Icon from the desktop and running it as administrator so there is no issue with Internet Explorer by itself, just the way Vista treats it. But of all programs why would Vista prompt approval
of Internet Explorer being a Microsoft Product? The Vista DVD does not provide prompting for uninstall and reinstalling Internet Explorer. :confused: Any suggestions?

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Disable UAC...

Control Panel -> Users -> Activate or deactivate useraccount contron (UAC)

I don't know if it staands exactly like that since I have the Swedish verision.

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