Vista Update Problem


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Hey guys I just got a new computer and I installed windows vista ultimate 32bit, everything worked fine, until I installed new updates... There were 73 important updates and 42 non-imporant, I installed only important ones. Well computer worked fine and then I shut it down and got a message: "Installing update x/73..." and after it installed all 73, it stated to shut down; "Shutting down...". It stayed there for about 3hours and then I shut it down with computers power button (by holding it down for about 5seconds) because it was 3am an I had to go to bed. Well when I woke up I started my PC and I got error report, there were plenty choices,
3 different kinds of safe mode boot ups, last working boot up settings, or normal boot up. I chose normal. Well then the load up screen with the green load.. box? opens and it stays there for like 5minutes, same happens with the "Welcome" screen and after that with "Configuring updates" screen. Finally when windows is on and I'm logged in, I notice that whole windows/computer lags like hell. Every 2 seconds I get a lag spike. It's impossible to do anything, even writing this message is something so ******* retarded. So before updates everything worked fine but now I get lag spikes between every 2 seconds. Any help?

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