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vista update problems


New Member
Hi guys
New to this forum hope you can help.
I did an update yesterday on my vista ultimate 64 with sp1 and my of has gone haywire.
It now takes about 5 mins to load onto the desktop and no services load.
No dhcp no event logger, no internet no nothing. When I try to repair it says dhcp could not be started
Any idea guys?
Thanks in advance.

My Computer

Had windows update me the following

KB954154 - security updates x64 = Windows Media Player (not use it)
KB938464 - Security Update for Windows XP (might be the reason for the snafu as it is Vista and not XP in use)
KB955302 - vista 64 (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/955302)
KB890830 - malicious software removal


KB905866 - junk mail
KB954366 - "
Known issues after you install the update

After you install this update, a CD or DVD device may not work correctly. If you select the device in Device Manager, and then you view the device properties, you may receive the following error message: The software for this device has been blocked from starting because it is known to have problems with Windows. Contact the hardware vendor for a new driver. (Code 48)"

KB940157 - windows search 4

plus optional for network card

just wasted several hours of my life, tried ubuntu CD to see if the net works from my machine, system restore not working etc, ended up getting the oldest system restore and it works thank god !

automatic updates disabled and set to notify me, but not to install

suggest u use system restore :)

My Computer

System One

  • Manufacturer/Model
    Self Build
    AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core 6000+
    Asus M2A HDMI
    4 GB
    Graphics Card(s)
    Geforce 8800 512Mb GDDR3
    Sound Card
    On board 5.1
    Monitor(s) Displays
    Samsung SyncMaster 2232bw
    Screen Resolution
    Hard Drives
    2 x 500GB Sata II Hard drives running in RAID 0
    Freecom 500GB external USB
    Coolermaster 600Watt Quiet
    Coolermaster Elite Case
    default fans
    Razer Diamond back
    MS split keyboard
    Internet Speed

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