Vista x64 based pc


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Vista window perium 64x bit based (use 32 bit too)

yesterday and most of time not much problem so far. but since yesterday which if okay (shutting down tycipal long time past months). Today when I switch Pc on it incredule slow to start load espcailly hang then finally load desktop. I ran CSHK check, shown delate corrupted files recovery etc. doesnt work. done twice. ran window memory disganoce tool said hardware problem statue is found.

been booted in safemode window, same slow hanging problem as normal and boot with networking. I have no idea what to do. I feel something with hardware or system service. take me good 10 mins just to wait for this page loaded! (excuse the spelling)

I been on this since morning to now and tired. Hope someone can really help me.

I sure do not remember download anything yesterday. system restored have been rolled back to day when pc run okay....but no avil. Pc hang still the same.

I unable to turn sercity centre on... that been a past some months.

check hard disks (2 of them) window vista c which bit too full for my liking, other hardy full. both work fine and checked update new decives. windows said that both are good.


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