Vista64 Periodically Hangs while playing Games


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Hey guys,

I have a Vista 64, 2.2 GHz Phenom, Nvidia 9100, 4 GB RAM, 750 GB HD(1/2 free).
The problem happens whenever I play games(ie, COD2, SF4, etc...). It would start off fine, but it then hangs up. When it hangs, the game as well as the frame rate would be very slow. It is practically impossible to do anything at this point.
After a couple of minutes, the game would return back to normal and playable....till it hangs again.

What is wierd is during the first couple of months of having Street Fighter 4, It ran smoothly without hanging. And then all of a sudden, it started hanging and I have been unable to cure it. I am not sure what I updated/changed during this interval.

I have tried the following to fix the problem, but to no avail:
1. updated my drivers, defrag and cleaned my hard drive and registry.
2. used CCleaner to remove all unnecessary files.
3. Tried closing all my programs(ie, Windows Defender, Mcafee, etc...) before running the game

What do you guys think? What were your solutions to this type of problem?


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