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Vista64bit and nvidia drivers for bluray??


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Does anyone have drivers that actually allow playback of BluRay in Vista64 from nVidia?

I have the new XPS M1730 laptop from Dell which sports dual 8700m cards in SLI mode... sadly, the reference drivers from nvidia do not "support" the 8700m without editing an ini file and I have done such - installed them, play games fine, etc... but when I try to playback bluray - it tells me my graphics card is incompatible. I have tried PowerDVD Ultra and the media direct software that came with my Dell (perfer to use that for multiple reasons as it is built into the laptop)... Dell doesn't support 64bit as Microsoft won't let them sell it OEM - they only sell to businesses who pay for the CALs and that is for limited lines of computers, not all drivers therefore have to be supported by Dell.

I'm looking for anyone who is in Vista 64bit and has nvidia drivers installed that may work for bluray playback somehow... I perfer the software to work with an IR remote like mediacenter or such - as I have two different remotes...

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!

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