VistaX64 Installation drivers error

Hello everyone. A little bit of background before we dive into the problem.

I have a wiped HP Pavilion Elite m9517c Desktop PC and re-installing Vista has been an uphill battle.

The pc is factory so the specs can be found here - HP Pavilion Elite m9517c Desktop PC Product Specifications | HP® Support

This PC no longer has an OS so I cant implement solutions unless they are bootable or performed from the bios.

Now lets get to the meat of the problem.

When Running the Vista installation, I can only get so far before I run into a wall and I have been unable to find a solution that didnt require a already operating OS.

I manage to follow the install until it asks Where I want to install Windows (Install Now>Type in your product key>License Terms>Type of Installation [Custom is the only option as there is no OS to upgrade]). At the bottom of the page it says "No drives were found. Click Load Driver to provide a mass storage driver for installation."

When Load Driver is clicked it takes me to another page that says "To install the driver needed to access your hard drive, insert the installation media containing the driver files, and then click OK."

When the computer was wiped the drivers were lost with the OS and the recovery function is unable to replace them.

How am I supposed to replace the drivers for the hard drive (or computer in general)?

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It should be mentioned that when I click browse on the select a driver page I can see

+Removable Disk(D:)
+Removable Disk(E:)
+Removable Disk(F:)
+Removable Disk(G:)

The UUI(C:) is the flash drive I boot from with my Vista install, but I am unsure what the rest are or how this information will factor into the solution.

Thanks to everyone who helps!

My Computer

System One