VMware on a Vista box = keyboard failure


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Hi, I am running Vista Business x64 on a Dell Precision M4300 and recently tried to upgrade my VMware Workstation 6 for Windows to the most recent version. I had the previous version of VMware running fine on my machine with no problems on the host or virtual machine which was running Ubuntu. After I upgraded, once I rebooted the keyboard no longer worked.

I was able to use the virtual keyboard function from the logon screen to get back into my machine and then used system restore to get me back to where I was previously before I tried to update VMware. I reinstalled the previous version of VMware at this point, but got the same results. So for now, I am not installing VMware again until I can find a good solution. Was wondering if anyone else out there has encountered the same problems and if there is a fix? Thanks for your time.

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