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Wake up on USB with remote


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This is in response to this tutorial (Hopefully Brink will see this thread :)


ok here is a summary. (It's sending me mad so I am grateful for any help)

I want to be able to wake from s3 with my Dvico usb remote.

State of play:

Wake on USB is possible from my bios as I have a wheel mouse that will wake from USB.

My Dvico remote is listed when I run the following powercfg commands:



It is not listed under:


Under device manager for this device under power management under the root hub, I can turn on/off allow this device to be switched off by the computer to save power, it's currently unselected.

When I expand down any lower levels to the device itself there are no power management options.

So given my bios/motherboard are configured to wake on usb as evidenced by being able to wake wiht the usb mouse. How do I get remote to be "wake_armed" which seems like the only missing component.

I have been working on this for over a week and my sanity is strained, thankful for any help.


I bought a usb pci card and I cannot wake fromthis device either details as above.

This is on wion 7 Ultimate though I thought I would post here as it is the most relevant discussion I have found regarding this. (And the best tutorial.)

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